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Slimming Capsule (EcoSlim) In Pakistan It helps the burning and breakdown of fat, thus assists in weight loss. Green World Slimming



Slimming Capsule Easy Weight Loss

Green World Slimming Capsule in Pakistan

Slimming Capsule (EcoSlim) In Pakistan

Slimming Capsule (EcoSlim) In Pakistan Green world slimming capsule is a weight loss product that reduces your extra Fats and makes your body fit and slim. Slimming Capsule (EcoSlim) In Pakistan Slimming capsule prepared with natural and precious herbs ingredients which can help increase the burning of the fat as fuel and steadily by regulating the overall function of the body. Now a day’s green world slimming capsule available in Pakistan with low price. Slimming Capsule (EcoSlim) In Pakistan This product has no complication. Green world slimming capsules are one of the best capsules in Pakistan that accelerates metabolism rate to increase the burning of the fat as fuel. Slimming Capsule (EcoSlim) In Pakistan It decreases the intake of calories by regulating food intake. Green world slimming capsule in Pakistan is an original product which dual roles in weight loss and beautification. Green World slimming capsule results amazingly have no any side effects. Due to these properties Green World Slimming Capsule gaining popularity in Pakistan and all over the World.
Cassia seed:
Slimming Capsule (EcoSlim) In PakistanCassia seed hydrate the elder intestinal tract to loosen the bowels. It is a tonic extract for eyes, liver, and stomach. Cassia seed reduces overweight due to laxative properties. It is useful to address liver fire, a diagnostic pattern in traditional Chinese medicine. It is most beneficial for liver fires which symbols’ are irritability, headache, red face, and tinnitus and sleep problems.
Lotus leaf:
Alkaloids and flavonoids decrease blood glycoside and cholesterol in lotus leaf extract greatly. Meanwhile, it helps with urination and bowel movement thus the excretion of metabolic wastes and toxins can be accelerated.
Hawthorn has several compounds such as flavonoids, hawthorn acids, procyanidins, vitamin c lipase, and many other active ingredients. These all compounds lower the blood lipid level. In some European countries, hawthorn extract is considered a relatively safe and effective therapy for mild to moderate congestive heart failure due to its effects on improving cardiac output.
Mulberry is classified in the modern Chinese material medical as a blood tonic, which improves the production of blood cells. Traditionally, mulberry has been used as a medicinal agent to nourish the yin and blood, benefit the kidneys, and treat weakness, fatigue, anemia, and premature graying of hair. It is mostly using to treat urinary incontinence, tinnitus, dizziness, and constipation in the elderly and the anemic. The bio-active constituents such as vitamin c, b-carotene, and selenium flavonoids improve immunity and also work synergistically as antioxidants.
The roses several oils and volatile oil in rose extract have shown properties of decreasing systolic blood pressure, and total cholesterol level. The benefits of rose extract extend well beyond its antioxidant potency, however. The extract posses well-established anti-inflammatory effects and has been shown to relieve joint paint pain associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and lower- back pain.

Green World Herbal Slimming Formulla

Green World Herbal Slimming Capsule

Slimming Capsule Benefits

  • Degeneration of fat in the body
  • its natural floral formula it helps lose weight safely
  • Decreases the intake of calories by regulating food intake
  • steadily without rebound and generation of wrinkles
  • Dual roles in weight loss and beautification
  • Accelerate metabolism rate to increase the burning of the fat as fuel

Slimming Capsule ingredients

Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf, Mulberry, Rose Hawthorn, Neroli Jasmine

Slimming Capsule Price In Pakistan : PKR 4500


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