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Balsam Pear Tea


Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan It improves type 2 diabetes with its hypoglycaemic effect.For those with elevated blood sugar or lipid level.



Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan

Green World Balsam Pear Tea in Pakistan

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan Balsam Pear tea is one of the best tea in Pakistan that is manufacturer of Green World. Balsam Pear Tea Price in PakistanBalsam Pear is also called “cool melon”, “bitter gourd” with, its cold brine natural and riches contents of vitamin B1 C and many other minerals vitamins. Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan Green World Balsam Pear Tea is best option to relieve thirst refreshes and nourishes the appearance and accelerates the metabolism. It also improves digestion and relieves constipation. Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Lahore

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Karachi

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan Balsam Pear is a big traditional ingredient herb in Asian medicine and cuisine. Its most basic use is to help with gastrointestinal issues. United States, studies says that it can help people who are coping with diabetes. Extracts of the fruit also might help prevent and treat cancer and malaria. For some people eat balsam pear certainly be avoided, but not know many people know the benefits of this plant. Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan Vegetables contain lots of fiber, vitamins & minerals needed by the body. Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan Eating vegetables every day is recommended by nutritionists, to keep the body healthy. But not everyone likes to be vegetables, especially in urban areas, and there is one vegetable that is usually avoided for consumption is pared. Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan

Work Function Of Balsam Pear Tea

Hypoglycemic Effect of Charantin and Lectin
Charente was extracted from balsam pear which has shown hypoglycemic effect on normal diabetic people. It was found to increase insulin sensitively. Current US Research of USA has shown the balsam pear contains lecithin that has insulin-like activity due to its non protein-specific linking together to insulin receptors. The lecithin lower blood glucose concentrations by acting on a peripheral tissue and, similar to insulin’s effects in the brain, suppressing appetite. Due to Hypoglycemic effect, lectin is also known as “plant insulin”. Presence of this lectin makes it beneficial for alleviating adult-onset diabetes, also known as diabetes.
Glowing skin
Balsam pears tea can even help with the healing of wounds and promotes the regeneration of skin, so it’s beneficial for the treatment of acne and scars.
Enhance immunity
Pear is known to boost your immunity level very well. You can boil it in water, and then consume boiled water every day to fight various infections and diseases. Pare is very rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals from the body.
Curing respiratory disorders
for respiratory problems such as colds, coughs and asthma, bitter melon juice is very good for consumption. Get used to consume fresh juice every morning before breakfast for the best results
Reduce Acne
Pare is very good for purifying and detoxifying the blood. And this will reduce acne and cleanse the body internally.
Assist in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Pare contains a phytonutrient, polypeptide-P, which is plant insulin which reduces blood sugar levels. It is also preparing a hypoglycemic agent called carnation which increases the synthesis of glycogen in the body.
Assist in weight loss
Pare is rich in antioxidants, very useful in flushing out toxins from the body that cause weight gain. Regular consumption of bitter gourd juice has been proven to effectively help in weight loss.
Improve eyesight
Pare contain beta-carotene, which is very useful in reducing eye infections, and improve eyesight.
Reduce constipation
for those who have problems in bowel movement, pare very good to eat. Fiber helps digest food properly, keeping sembeli problem.
Preventing heart disease
Pare help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body, which can block the artery walls and cause heart problems.ectin, is stable in extreme environment such as stomach which is exposed to strong stomach acid and digestive enzymes. In comparison of insulin, lectin
Green Tea
Green tea is a rich in bioflavonoid, polypenols, vitamins and minerals, and one of its main properties is to fight free radicals that cause antioxidant stress in diabetes.

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan


  • Reduces glucose in the blood stream
  • Prohibits the absorption of glucose in small intestine
  • Repair B cells of pancreas which is responsible for producing insulin
  • Polypeptide P -A plant insulin reduces blood sugar and blood lipid level safely.
  • Alleviates complications of diabetes such as thirst and dry mouth


Balsam pear tea is manufacturing of Green World company…balsam tea results effectively have no any side effects. It is made up natural ingredients.

Balsam Pear Tea Price in Pakistan : 2500


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